Anderson, Indiana

Barista of the Month

Mon, 2012-04-30 13:21 -- batch_migrate

Barista of the Month:

Do you have a favorite, friendly barista in Mocha Joe's? Let us know by filling out a kudos sheet (located at the counter where you pick up your drink).

Once a month we will select one Barista of the Month and feature their favorite drink as a special.

Sarah Whitlock: Sarah is a junior majoring in sociology and writing. She hails from the North-West side of Indy. Her future is a bit vague at this point, but most likely includes a daringly unstable job situation and a studio apartment equipped with plants, Chinese take-out, and piles of books. Her hobbies include blogging on tumblr, knitting, drinking way too much coffee, and giving accidental, impromptu lectures about social justice. Sarah's favorite parts of being a barista are making up weird drinks and writing encouraging notes on cups.