Anderson, Indiana


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Anderson University Sustainability

Anderson University is committed to:
  • Operating the university in a sustainable manner.
  • Helping students live a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Preparing students to take an active role in developing a sustainable world.
Over the past few years, students, faculty, and staff have worked toward reducing the university's environmental impact. In 2009, the Sustainability Committee was established to coordinate the various activities and to deepen the commitment to sustainable operations and sustainability education.

Above all, Anderson University is committed to its students. The university strives to educate its students on how to live in a sustainable manner today, and hopes to prepare them for life in a world that is awakening to the need to live sustainably. AU will continue to give students the tools, knowledge, concepts, and perspectives they will need in order to take an active role in developing a sustainable world.

Anderson University recently established the position of Sustainability Program Coordinator to ensure a continued focus on sustainability and to coordinate the activities of the students, the faculty, and administration.