Anderson, Indiana

Vision, Mission, Values

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Anderson University Recycling

Mission Statement

To promote the importance of recycling in achieving environmental sustainability and provide opportunities for meaningful actions leading to life-long recycling habits.

Anderson University Recycling is a sub-committee to the Anderson University Sustainability Committee.


Anderson University Sustainability Committee


Anderson University students, faculty and staff will be prepared to take an active role in developing a sustainable world.


AU will create awareness, facilitate transformative dialogue and provide opportunities for meaningful action toward the development of a sustainable campus and world.

Values that guide us:

  • Respect for God's Creation
We recognize that all of creation is sacred and must not be abused or misused.
  • Personal responsibility for sustainable living
Each individual is responsible to avoid causing harm to creation, including human beings.
  • Integrity
Actions must be consistent with beliefs.
  • Interdependence of all creation
Every person, and every action, has ripple effects that are often not anticipated or perceived.
  • Intellectual humility
We recognize that we do not, and never will know everything. We shall be open to new knowledge and changing perspectives.
  • Accountability
Progress can only be known through honest assessment of our actions measured in terms of the vision, mission and goals.