Anderson, Indiana

Amy Myers Dobrikova, 2006 management grad

Thu, 2009-07-16 12:04 -- univcomm

The Falls School of Business has truly equipped me in my position in marketing and sales for Bright Automotive, a new American automotive company producing fuel efficient vehicles, and the headquarters are here in Anderson, Indiana!

My plan after graduation was to move back to my hometown in Vero Beach, Florida, but thanks to INvision AU, I won a business plan competition that provided grant money to start my own company, Spontaneity Designs, LLC. One of the requirements was to live in Madison County for one year, keeping me in Indiana. As I progressed in my business, Bright Automotive contacted me because of my entrepreneurial experience, and here I am now growing with an innovative company. If it wasn’t for the Falls School of Business I wouldn’t have found my purpose in life.