Anderson, Indiana

Dana McCallian Byers, 2000 finance grad

Wed, 2009-08-12 16:10 -- univcomm

My husband Chris (1999 finance grad) and I formed Blue Door Ministries, Inc., from our home in London, England. We aid in providing free resources for churches in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We also administrate live online church experiences several times each week in partnership with My personal focus is on creating a strong online community of believers and lost people wanting to learn more about Jesus through training, small groups, and missions. We are driven by the goal of connecting churches and believers around the world to make a global difference in reaching lost people — everywhere — before Jesus returns. Nearly every week I speak in public or on video and write content for various blogs. Hands down, being part of the SIFE competition presentation team gave me practical experience to prepare me for the work I do today.

Dr. Becky Haskett was a catalyst in my educational experience at Anderson University because she was the first and most prominent example of a female I'd seen who leads with both compassion and excellence. We shared many lunches and had countless chats in her office that gave me courage to walk the path I'm on today.

I will never forget the comfort I had in knowing I could stop by the FSB any time to see a friendly face, and I valued that having fun was always a key component of learning. That experience taught me I can lead my team well when having fun is part of the mix.