Anderson, Indiana

Dawn Claussen Bartels, 1990 music business grad

Wed, 2009-08-12 15:59 -- univcomm

When I was a music business major at AU, I was much more focused on and interested in the music part of that major. Oh, how things have changed! I am now self-employed in private practice as a licensed mental health counselor in Orlando, Florida. While I still utilize the creativity of the music part of that degree (I often write songs and stories for clients), I certainly rely a great deal on what I learned in the Falls School of Business to run my business.

As much as I disliked accounting and economics at the time, those classes helped me understand how to provide for my family while I am making a difference in the lives of hurting families. Understanding business law has been especially helpful — and that happened to be a relatively fun class! The photo to the right is of me with my office sandbox, which is utilized for play therapy.