Anderson, Indiana

2007 DBA grads

Wed, 2009-08-12 15:28 -- univcomm

The Anderson DBA program changed our lives forever. We came as three individuals and graduated as three friends who understand the value and worth of "submit[ting] to one another out of reverence for Christ" (Eph 5:21, NIV).

Marcia O'Brien: I came as a brand new professor after having 26 years in business. I had no experience in academics whatsoever and after the first syllabus arrived, I was convinced there was no way I could be successful in the program. Then I met my friends Amy and Julie who have now become my heart sisters. With their constant encouragement and the incredible spiritual support from the faculty in the program, I did graduate. I learned to be humble and ask for help, to cry out to God continually, and have come to love being stretched beyond where I thought my boundaries were. That makes me a better servant to others, more patient, more reliant on God, more loving, more Christ-like. I’m very grateful for the DBA program; it has changed my life.

Amy Bourne: I arrived at Anderson University unaware of the transformation I was about to encounter. The Christian faith I witnessed through the lives of the professors, staff, and fellow students was overwhelming. Because I have always been involved with public institutions, Anderson University blessed me to a degree only Christ can provide. Because of the friends I met, especially Marcia and Julie, I have a clearer understanding of Christ’s love for me and what it means to serve a friend and colleague. They loved me unconditionally and were willing to serve me even when we were exhausted and homesick. I would do it all again.

Julie Szendrey: My experience in the Anderson DBA program has been one of my most significant life experiences. The quality of the education with integration of faith in business has significantly shaped who I am, how I think, and my relationships with people. Not only did I receive encouragement from my immediate family and extraordinary Anderson faculty, but also from fellow colleagues in the program, specifically Marcia and Amy. Although I entered the program questioning my ability to juggle everything and successfully finish, Marcia and Amy were my real-life guardian angels. Even after graduation we continue to inspire each other to serve others through our teaching and research; through periodic phone calls, e-mails, and of course prayer. I am forever grateful for the relationships built through the Anderson DBA program.

[Photo left to right: Julie Szendrey, assistant professor of business administration at Malone University in Ohio; Amy Bourne, instructor of accounting at Oregon State University; Marcia O'Brien, associate professor of accounting at Roberts Wesleyan University in New York.]