Anderson, Indiana

Dottie Swartz Anstine, 2006 marketing grad

Mon, 2009-10-26 16:20 -- univcomm

During my senior year at FSB, I jumped on board with AMG. Throughout the year I treaded unmarked territory and tried to develop a real marketing team. Without much experience, this proved to be a challenge, but it was quite exciting. If this thing worked, it could be an invaluable opportunity not only for my team and myself but for future students. Building the team and structuring AMG taught me how to take initiative, which I have brought to my future position.

Currently, I'm working as Project Coordinator for medium-sized optometric practice in Indianapolis. I was promoted about two years ago because I took the initiative to develop a better training program before it was my responsibility. Ever since I've been promoted, I've had to develop systems for operations, train new hires, and manage many large projects. Since I am the first one in this role in the company, I have tremendous freedom to make it what I want and help the company in big ways. I even get to work from home and be with my daughter, which is one of the best benefits of the job. So, long story short, my experience of diving into the unknown proved most valuable.