Anderson, Indiana

Kyle Lacy, 2006 marketing grad

Thu, 2009-07-16 12:08 -- univcomm

I started a company in June of 2007 with Brandon Coon (2005 finance grad). We now have a company of five people and complete branding, web design, and social media marketing projects for clients. I guess you could say we are making a difference because we are employing people in a down economy.

One of the valuable experiences I had was at Orangehaus Records out of the School of Music. The number one influence in my life when I was attending FSB had to be Dr. Michael Bruce. He was the most difficult professor I had in any class throughout my college career. He had the tendency to fail me. The one thing I appreciate about Dr. Bruce is his willingness to teach, listen, and learn from his students. I spent many hours in his office throwing business ideas at him and trying not to fail marketing research. His willingness to help his students far surpasses anything I have and will experience from a teacher. The people I met at Anderson University are by far what I will always remember.