Anderson, Indiana

Stephen Scharbrough, 2004 marketing grad

Thu, 2009-07-16 12:11 -- univcomm

After Attending the Anderson University Falls School of Business, I moved to Fishers, Indiana, and started a music business including playing guitars and piano tuning and repair. One of the things I learned in the FSB was that networking was key when building a business from scratch. When I was involved in market research classes or advertising-related classes, we always worked alongside a community organization or a real entity where connections and relationships were made and the local business world was symbiotic. We learned much from them and they received a tangible service from us as working, open-minded students. This has been adapted in my business.

I recently received a contract with Butler University Jordan College of Fine Arts and later with Clowes Memorial Hall. Having expanded my network into two very large music related organizations in Indianapolis has helped grow my business in a tremendous way — all from lessons I learned at the Anderson University Falls School of Business.