Anderson, Indiana

Bethany Masters Lucari, 2009 accounting grad

Wed, 2010-05-12 11:45 -- univcomm

SIFE truly opened the door for the success I am experiencing today. As a junior, I was selected to lead the entrepreneurship side of SIFE, where I was able to meet with small business owners and help them find solutions to their small business needs. Not only was I able to be directly involved with key individuals in the community, but I was able to see the direct impact of the students working with real businesses as well as the impact on the community.

Through my success in this role, I was able to secure an internship with one of SIFE's sponsor companies, The Dannon Company. My job was to research a new product that the company was considering implementing and present my findings to senior management within the company. AU's emphasis on a liberal arts education really benefited me in my work.

At AU, I was able to pursue two of my passions; business and the French language. I worked with business partners in France and was able to use my French language skills to aid in the research part of my internship project. My previous experiences with SIFE as well as my classwork at Anderson University definitely prepared me to step up to the challenges of my internship. Immediately following the ten week internship, I was offered a position in sales with the company. Now, I am able to take the values of AU into a dynamic workplace.