Anderson, Indiana

Jennifer Stover Brogee, 1996 management grad

Wed, 2010-10-06 16:11 -- univcomm

I wear a few hats right now - I am co-owner of The Meeting Place on Market, a coffee house/ cafe in downtown Lima, Ohio, Chief Information Officer of myStaffingPro, a software company, and wife & mom of three wonderful & unique kids. Anyone who is a heartfelt follower of God is salt & light wherever they are, but I think the unique place God has called me to is encouraging economic development in the city of Lima, a "rust belt" city that has lost quite a bit of manufacturing business.

Lima is struggling to find its identity. Not only does Lima struggle economically, but it struggles with tension between people groups. As a downtown business owner, a board member of Downtown Lima, Inc, and a member of other downtown organizations, I can help provide optimism, encouragement, and resources to the city as a whole - all of which can result in reconciliation among people groups, new businesses and new jobs. Current examples include mentoring new entrepreneurs, creating fun events to bring people downtown, hosting a downtown neighborhood association, and planning a new business incubator.

I think my independent study of non-profit management with Jerry Fox provided me the greatest benefit. It was combined with a semester in Northern Ireland through CPS. Both experiences provided great groundwork in economic development of depressed areas. Dr. Jerry Fox was the person in the FSB that influenced my life the most. He listened to all my disconnected ideas and provided good insight, helping me shape my AU experience to best match my goals.

I loved the relationships I was able to develop with my professors while I was at AU. Because they were accessible and involved with student activities, I was able to augment my classroom education with their knowledge and experience. They encouraged me to pursue additional experiences, such as SIFE, semester abroad, independent studies, and campus ministries.