Anderson, Indiana

Senora Miller Logan, 1995 accounting grad

Mon, 2010-03-22 14:58 -- univcomm

After graduating with a BA in Accounting in 1995, I wasn’t quite sure where life would lead me. I knew I wanted to give back to other college students in some way by encouraging them to develop good habit in college so they would be prepared for the professional world. During my time in the Falls School of Business, I not only developed my academic skills, I also develop my professional skills which have allowed me to succeed. I am often complemented on my professional ethic and I am proud to say that I have transferred the skills from Falls School of Business into my personal and professional life.

Today, I am fulfilling my dream of helping young college students by serving as Assistant Director of the Luckyday Program, a First Year Experience Program, at the University of Mississippi. I have the unique opportunity of helping incoming freshman get a positive foundation during their freshman year that will carry them to graduation and beyond.

Senora Miller Logan, Assistant Director, Luckyday Success Program at the University of Mississippi