Anderson, Indiana

Andy Brown, 2009 marketing grad

Wed, 2011-06-08 10:10 -- univcomm

My time at the Falls School of Business was great. The business school offers a unique atmosphere that allows students to thrive if they’re willing to work. My professors served as teachers, mentors and friends. Cindy Gibson was very instrumental in my growth and development while at Anderson. As an advisor, she put me in a position to succeed. As a professor, she prepared me for my career. As a mentor, she played a critical role in connecting me with internship opportunities.

As a result of the opportunities, I left Anderson in May ’09 with nearly 2 years of professional work experience within the life sciences industry. Those internships served as launching point in my career to where now I’m working as Sales Representative for the leading provider of essential, pre-clinical and non-clinical contract research, research models, animal diets, and services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, agrochemical, and chemical industries, as well as universities, government, and other research organizations. Not long ago, I was sitting in class. Now, I’m providing world renowned researchers with products crucial to optimizing the discovery and safety of new medicines and compounds. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m integral part in improving patients’ quality of life.

- Andy Brown, 2009 marketing grad