Anderson, Indiana

Eric Gray, 2008 management grad

Mon, 2010-03-22 14:55 -- univcomm
July 10, 2014

I am currently an Operations Supervisor for Brunswick Zone Bowling and Billiards in North Ridgeville, Ohio. I hope to soon enter into the General Manager in Training program where I will learn to operate my own bowling center. I have been with Brunswick for almost a year now and I feel like my life is finally coming together. I love this type of work because it is all about the customer experience. As a staff we are required to live by our mission statement. It is very imperative that we treat each guest with respect and dignity to ensure that they leave having an exceptional experience.

I still give a lot of my credit to Professors Emmett Dulaney and Greg Heberling. Without these two professors I would have never aspired to run a business by myself. They taught us that there are failures and success with everything that you do. They inspired me to become an independent man and reach for goals that are not "reasonable" for some. Every professor that I studied under at Anderson University had a positive impact on my life. They showed me that hard work and determination can take you above and beyond your wildest dreams. The classes were fun and interactive. Being in an environment allowed me to show my true potential.

What I loved the most about Anderson University was that not every professor took exams as the heart and soul of the classroom. There were many students like me, that struggled on exams, but still understood the real world aspect of the classroom teaching. The professors understood that you could still understand the teachings, but not understand the written grammar. Every professor at Anderson University should feel honored to be there as I believe they were chosen to be there for all of our benefits.

I am married to a wonderful woman, Amanda (Zwierlein) Gray and have a beautiful baby girl. We are so blessed in our lives right now and we are thankful each and every day to have each other. Again, I feel as if my life is finally coming together.

- Eric Gray, Operations Supervisor, Brunswick Zone Bowling and Billards