Authors collaborate on Metamorphosis

Sat, 2006-03-11 10:02 -- univcomm
March 11, 2006

Dr. Rebecca Haskett and Mr. David Neidert have recently collaborated to create Metamorphosis, a workbook centered on developing Emotional Intelligence. Spurred by a discontentment with other emotional intelligence books that didn’t guide the readers in developing their own emotional intelligence, Haskett and Neidert decided to try a different approach. Instead of a typical book, a workbook was born in order to create exercises and activities that would aid the reader in taking responsibility for their journey. The purpose of Metamorphosis is to help readers gain a greater understanding of their ideal self (the person one wants to be) through personal reflection. The workbook then guides readers further down the path of self-awareness by discovering their real self through self-assessment and feedback from others.

Metamorphosis encourages readers to “begin a personal journey of discovering and pursuing the life you were created to live.” Max De Pree, author of international best-selling books Leadership is an Art and Leadership Jazz praised Metamorphosis stating, “This very good book teaches the critical lessons for becoming the person you intend to be.”

Although they have different backgrounds (Haskett from Business and Neidert from Theology), the authors found a common ground in their life mission statements. Haskett’s mission statement is “Encouraging and assisting others in discovering their calling.” Neidert’s mission is “Inviting people to an abundant life by choosing God’s best.”

Several classes at Anderson University’s Falls School of Business as well as the ADVANCE Degree Completion Program and Center for Christian Leadership-School of Theology have already had the privilege of learning from Metamorphosis. Dr. Haskett has used the workbook for her leadership and ethics classes and she has received positive feedback from the students. “This workbook brought clarity of purpose to my life,” responded one student. Another student added, “I remembered what my dreams and passions were and was amazed at how far off track I had become.”

“If we remain totally absorbed in ourselves, we will climb over others on the way to the top,” explains the workbook. “But, if we are willing to follow the examples of others-to test our self-perceptions against others; to learn from their experiences, insights and wisdom-then we might metamorphous into the person we were meant to be.”

Dr. Rebecca Haskett is associate professor of Business in the Falls School of Business at Anderson University. Mr. David Neidert is director of Seminary Advancement for the Anderson University School of Theology. Metamorphosis is available at the Anderson University Bookstore and online at

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