AU helps new students move in

Fri, 2006-08-25 07:04 -- univcomm
August 25, 2006

At the entrance between Rice and Dunn Halls at Anderson University a move-in team was loading and unloading dorm items at lightning speed Thursday morning. As parents drove up to drop off their newly registered freshmen, a tornado of helpers all wearing dark green T-shirts immediately swarmed each car. Pulling everything from computers to pillows and sheets to skateboards, cars were unpacked in a matter of minutes. “This is fantastic,” said Dawn Huguenard who was moving her daughter Charissa into the dorms. “I can’t believe they did this so fast. (Charissa) is on the third floor, and I was wondering how long it would take the two of us to get her moved in. They are an answer to my prayers.

Dozens of the helpers stood out all morning during official move-in day for Anderson University. The team consisted of volunteers from social and academic clubs, faculty and resident assistants.

“We’re here to help them get acclimated,” said Kathryn Stiers, helper and junior at AU. “The parents have been so thankful. It’s fun to meet all the students.”

According to Michael Collette, vice president for enrollment management and information systems, enrollment for the university this year is expected to be close to last year’s numbers.

“We had approximately 2,800 students last year,” he said. “We expect there will be an increase in graduate and adult students but we may see a slight decline in undergraduate students because last year’s senior class was the largest class in the history of this institution. The total number this year will probably be down 50 or 60 students.”

Standing outside the residence halls, though, you would not notice the decline. With nervous freshmen asking lots of questions and seasoned veterans fielding the inquiries as well as traffic, the university seemed to be running like a well-oiled machine.

“I’m real nervous,” admitted Julie Venis, incoming freshman from Lebanon. “Classes start on Monday, but I’m more nervous about dorm life. The social groups have been a big help, though.”

— Lynelle Miller is a staff writer for the Anderson Herald Bulletin. Story used with permission.