2008 AU graduate, Krista Allen, to work in Ethiopia

Mon, 2008-05-12 11:26 -- univcomm
May 12, 2008

For years, Krista Allen has used her free time to help others in need.

In high school, her older brother started a program to give meals to the homeless, so Allen helped with that and other social projects. Since she started at Anderson University, she has gone on several mission trips within the United States, and one to Nairobi, Kenya.

Today, Allen will be one of the 640 students to graduate from Anderson University.

But shortly after that, she will leave on her next adventure: an 11-month internship in Ethiopia.

“I think when I have some time to sit down and think about it, there will be some fears, especially with leaving everyone here, but right now, I’m very excited and I’m awaiting what will come,” the 22-year-old said.

Allen, who calls Lexington, Ky., home, said she had learned a lot of skills during her four years at AU that she could bring with her when she goes to Africa.

Allen will work for Remember the Poorest Community, a group started by an evangelical church in Ethiopia. As a project manager for RPC, Allen will write for the newsletter of the organization, as well as work on site with women and children on the street.

“Part of what I’ll be doing in Ethiopia is writing stories of women and children that the organization helps,” she said.

Before Allen goes off to Africa, she will spend two weeks in Costa Rica with a social organization at AU.

“We’ll be helping to do some painting work at a homeless shelter,” she said.

While Allen is excited to graduate, she said she would miss some aspects of college.

“There are parts of it I’ll miss a lot,” she said. “I’m glad to not have papers or tests, but I’ll miss the people. I’ll miss the community we’ve developed. I’ll miss the activities provided for us, all the things to do in the community and on campus.”

—Jessica Kerman is a reporter for the Herald Bulletin in Anderson. Story republished with permission.

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