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Alumni serving at Word Made Flesh

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August 21, 2009

Journalism. Computer Programming. Missions. All different career fields but each is utilized in diverse ways at the non-for-profit organization Word Made Flesh.

Located in Omaha, Neb., Word Made Flesh (WMF) founder Chris Huertz, a popular chapel speaker, has made quite the impression on students at Anderson University. Since 2006, three students have felt called to work at the organization with others volunteering or interning.

wmf2Linsey Higgins BA ’06 is in the middle of a three-year term on field staff in Lima, Peru. Higgins works as a coordinator for a girl’s Bible study, helps those in her communities struggling to leave the streets, visits those who have started a new life away from the struggles of street life, and serves as a field administrator keeping the Lima mission running.

"The people who serve with WMF are amazing people who seek to live in a way that gives dignity to those among whom they serve," says Higgins. "So often the poor are dehumanized, but the poor are my friends. We believe that our poor friends have so much to teach us, so much to share and give, while many people only seek to give to the poor, not recognizing their beautiful and unique gifts."

Higgins, a family science major and Spanish minor, took off a semester her junior year to be on the WMF servant team in Lima. After graduation, Higgins returned on the field staff in Lima.

Combining her passion for people and a story, Mandy Mowers BA ’06 struggled in college "to work in a role that would allow me to use my journalism talents for the good of people in need."

While serving as an RA, Mowers expressed to her RD and other RA’s her desire to find a meaningful way to use her Journalism and writing major. Higgins, her friend and fellow RA, encouraged Mowers to contact the WMF Advocacy Department.

After graduation, Mowers went on a Tri-S trip to India. Her time spent in Kolkata volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity—even meeting some WMF Kolkata staff—confirmed her desire to work with WMF.

Following a one year internship that started in October 2006, Mowers said the choice to stay on staff was an easy decision.

"I get to advocate on behalf of friends who need help," says Mowers. "You may have heard a saying like, 'We’re a voice for the voiceless.' At WMF, we assert that our friends are not voiceless—they just aren’t always heard. Our job is to amplify these voices as we advocate on their behalf," adds Mowers.

Now serving as publications editor, Mowers works mostly on The Cry, WMF’s quarterly journal, and makes assignments, edits pieces, and creates layouts. Mowers edits most print materials that WMF produces and offers editorial assistance to staff submitting articles to other publications.

In the fall of 2006, Paul Yoder BA ’06 visited Mowers. During his visit, Yoder met with the director of administration for WMF to discuss their computer needs and realized he could make a computer program to help automate a time-consuming task for WMF. Yoder continued his contact with WMF for a couple years while living in Anderson and created software for WMF in his spare time. During the spring of 2008, Yoder pursued moving to Omaha to work for WMF and in October was hired as an office manager working on staff computers, programming, and serving other office needs.

"I have two main passions in my life: ministry and computers," says Yoder. "I’m able to pursue both these passions while working at Word Made Flesh as I serve the field missionaries by creating programs to help automate their administrative tasks."

Word Made Flesh was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization existing to serve among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. In 1994, Word Made Flesh opened its first children’s home in Chennai, India, focusing primarily on pediatric AIDS care. Word Made Flesh has since established communities in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Visit for more information.

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