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AU interns provide assistance in difficult economic times

Thu, 2009-07-23 08:30 -- univcomm
July 23, 2009

In difficult economic times, a number of AU students are providing needed assistance and gaining valuable experience through summer internships. Through the INvision program, students are able to complete such internships which help them develop the necessary skills and professional relationships, giving them the edge in an increasingly competitive job market.

INvision AU partners with companies and organizations from government, health care, technology, social services, arts and culture, religious, service providing conglomerates, and other sectors in order to provide opportunities to AU students.

Joshua Cook: Miles Design

cookJoshua Cook, recent graduate with a degree in Visual Communication Design, is interning at Miles Design, a graphic design firm in Indianapolis. "In the two months I've been working here, I have observed an unbelievable amount about visual design and operating a business," said Cook.

"The most valuable aspect to my internship has been the collaboration with the other designers. It has been such a privilege working beside some of Indianapolis' finest visual designers. There is a reason that Miles Design consistently puts out excellent work and it's because they are passionate about visual design and the role it plays in our daily lives. It has been really exciting to be a part of that passion."

Josh Miles, Principal and Founder of Miles Design, said, "Joshua Cook has been an all around solid performer. We've just extended his internship beyond the INvision program to go the rest of this summer." Cook has accepted a job at Miles Design and will begin working there full time when he finishes his internship in September.

Bryan Smith: Clarian Health

smithBryan Smith, an AU senior majoring in Accounting, is interning in the Human Resources department of Clarian Health in Indianapolis. "I have spent weeks compiling and analyzing invoice data from the division's accounts payable system and am currently researching the best practice to audit the data that we have accumulated," said Smith. "My next responsibility will be the implementation of a new internal control to make Clarian's A.P. department operate more efficiently."

In addition to the practical experience of producing and presenting reports, Smith says that he has learned a lot about how to make a "solid business case" for projects needing executive approval. "I am learning a great deal from the main aspect of my project which is procurement, contract, and vendor management and I hope to learn more in the coming weeks about how to audit and control these functions."

Josh Novak: Buchanan Counseling Center and Community Hospital

novakJosh Novak, a Psychology major and rising senior, is completing two internships this summer—one at Buchanan Counseling Center at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and one at Community Hospital in Anderson. "I am learning so much from these internships that will help me in my future," said Novak.

Novak said that he hopes to learn more about what it looks like to run a counseling center and learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of counseling. "More importantly to my experience, however," said Novak, "is that I get to sit in with the counselors and their clients in some counseling sessions. I also attend conferences, staff meetings, case studies, and continuing education classes."

Todd Baden: OneAmerica

badenTodd Baden, a senior Accounting major, is completing an internship at OneAmerica in Indianapolis. He performs internal audits to improve OneAmerica as a whole. "I help plan audit objectives, but my main responsibilities are to gather the necessary information, analyze the data and then draw the appropriate conclusions and recommendations."

Baden said that the most valuable aspect of his internship has been the hands on experience. "I don't make copies or do donut runs. I am treated like a full time employee, which is the best way to learn," said Todd.

— David Hynds is a freelance writer for Anderson University

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