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Dr. Radaker to offer portrayal: "A Visit from C. S. Lewis"

Fri, 2009-03-13 10:09 -- univcomm
March 13, 2009

radakerThis fall Dr. Kevin Radaker, Professor of English and Department Chair, will begin offering a dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis entitled, "A Visit from C. S. Lewis." The program lends insight into the life and writings of one of the most renowned Christian authors of the 20th century.

"The audience will witness a dramatic portrayal of Lewis presenting from memory (not reading) a closely knit, thematically arranged collection of his most eloquent and engaging passages from a variety of his works, including Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Four Loves, The Problem of Pain, and Miracles," said Radaker. The presentation will also include reflections concerning Lewis' life journey which are drawn largely from Surprised by Joy and A Grief Observed.

Through his superior control of language and highly reasoned approach, "Lewis helps Christians understand complex doctrinal and theological issues," said Radaker. For this reason, "A Visit from C. S. Lewis" is especially well suited for places of worship. The program will also be offered to libraries, colleges and universities. He also plans to offer a shortened version for children, which will focus more on Lewis' fictional writings.

Radaker hopes that his audience will come away with a greater understanding of Lewis, a deeper appreciation of his works and a strengthened and encouraged faith.

Radaker appreciates Lewis' honesty about the human experience. "In A Grief Observed, which was in response to his wife Joy's death, Lewis rendered one of the most honest texts expressing despair, anger and grief," said Radaker. "It is no wonder that this book sustains and helps people who go through grief."

Through his research, Radaker has also developed an appreciation for Lewis' character. "I am learning about his own quirks and peculiarities. Many think of him as a cold, stern intellectual. I am beginning to realize that there was a warm, social side to Lewis."

"Studying Lewis has been fascinating on an intellectual and philosophical level," said Radaker. "It has bolstered my faith and challenged me to reconsider what I believe."

Churches, universities or any other venue interested in hosting a performance of "A Visit from C.S. Lewis" should contact Dr. Kevin Radaker, Professor of English and Department Chair.

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