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Nancy Moller retires from School of Education

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August 14, 2009

Though she officially retired from the School of Education in December 2008, Nancy Moller will never stop teaching. She will now be giving life lessons and her pupil count has been reduced to 18 – all grandchildren.

moller"I have been promoted from professor to grandmother. That’s how I look at it," she says, laughing.

Moller, 66, spent more than 12 years at the university, where she helped to effectively prepare future educators to mold young minds.

"(The most rewarding part) was probably hearing from successful teachers out in the U.S. and actually in the world. Several of my former teachers are out in overseas schools and mission schools," she says.

She says she hopes students took away more than just factual information and procedures.

"I hope they learned some life lessons that would enable them to serve many different populations and with a human approach — a very caring and servant attitude," says Moller. "Because schools are very different now than when they used to be. Students are more challenging with a more variety of problems."

In addition, teachers are in a unique position of providing a solid witness of Christ day in and day out to children.

"Not directly, because they are a teacher, but in the community as a resource. They aren’t using their position as a soapbox to be a minister, but they are indirectly a person that students will look up to and I think they would be a great spiritual resource in public schools," she says. "Students can read you pretty well, and there are opportunities that aren’t obvious but they are there."

Moller was especially integral in multicultural education, which she enjoyed because it included lots of traveling. She also enjoyed helping student teachers out in the local junior highs and high schools in the area.

She says the decision to retire certainly was not an easy one and the students played a large part in that.

"One special thing about AU is that many of our education majors have really felt called by God to teach and they’ve been so teachable and cooperative and enthusiastic and I will always remember that," she says.

She will spend her retired life as a "snowbird" with her husband in Phoenix and the latter part of the summer and early fall at a cabin in Marion, Ind.

"There are so many beautiful things to see and do that I am hoping to keep very busy. I don’t expect to be rappelling up any cliffs, but it is beautiful to hike and see," she says.

—Scott Rees is a freelance writer for Signatures.

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