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Pat Griffin retires from School of Nursing

Wed, 2009-06-03 14:09 -- univcomm
June 3, 2009

Since 1983, Pat Griffin has worked in the education field of nursing. Starting as a part time clinical instructor at AU, Griffin had previously worked in Anderson at St. John’s in critical care, at Riley Children’s Hospital, and at Community East, both in Indianapolis. After her husband Gerry was relocated to Anderson, the couple moved to the Pendleton area with Griffin first learning about Anderson University.

griffinBefore moving to Pendleton, Griffin knew little about the School of Nursing program at AU. “I always had it in the back of my mind to teach and never wanted to underestimate my dreams,” said Griffin.

Looking to advance her career, Griffin commented that in the early 1980s it seemed the administrative side of nursing and teaching were the only options available. Griffin felt she always had a “natural ability to teach others” considering in the past 12 years as a clinical nurse, she had helped teach new graduates, patients, and their families in the nursing field.

Griffin came to work as an adjunct under former nursing director Pat Bennett. Being challenged by her students and fellow faculty, Griffin decided to start her masters at Indiana University.

Griffin filled the position of interim dean of the School of Nursing this past year after serving as the director of the university assessment from 2002-2009. Personally, Griffin said she has grown as a person in her studies and learned so much through working with other faculty, students and Tri-S nursing trips.

Past trips have included Griffin leading senior intercultural trips (a requirement within the School of Nursing curriculum for graduation) to India, Honduras, Uganda, and Florida.

“To give students an eye opening experience was something I did not appreciate the impact on until later because each trip is in a compressed amount of time,” said Griffin. “For me and for the students, it changes you both personally and professionally.”

Future plans include spending the upcoming winter in Florida with her husband Gerry and spending time with her three sons, Adam, a 1997 graduate, Alex, a 2009 graduate, and Aaron. Griffin hopes to assist at Pendleton Elementary where Alex’s wife, Christiane, teaches and to spend time with her grandchildren, Cloey and Tucker.

“The hardest piece to give up with retirement is going to be how to keep up relationships with the colleagues I see daily and how to stay engaged intellectually as I have for the past 20 plus years,” said Griffin.

Stefanie Leiter is Web Content Manager at Anderson University in University Communications.

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