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Three generations of Anderson University alumni providing care

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September 22, 2009

Saint John’s Medical Center Chaplain Larry Green strongly advocates helping people in need. He also believes that leaving a legacy is an important attribute in life. With his son Scott and grandson Chris, the Greens are building a family legacy one day at a time. vgreensWhile Chaplain Green spreads comfort at the hospital, his son Scott serves as a physician at the nearby Roby Building.

And Chris works in the Saint John’s emergency room where he prepares himself for the unexpected to happen at any given moment.

“The best way to describe the ER is up and down,” Chris Green said. “We had a Code Blue today and I had to step right in and do my job. Then there are times that are not so busy but that can change in a minute.”

Though the Greens have never worked on the same case together, Chris has taken care of his father’s patients in the emergency room.

“The three of us have never assisted with a patient at the same time,” Chaplain Green said. “But I have talked with patients that Chris has worked with in the ER. And yes, some of them are patients of my son, Scott. So indirectly we have all helped with certain patients at different times.”

Chaplain Green spends most of his time giving spiritual guidance to families at Saint John’s with loved ones who are sick. He has been employed at the hospital for 11 years and wouldn't change his job for anything in the world.

“I love what I do,” Chaplain Green said. “A great challenge is working with a patient with a bad diagnosis. I can't imagine doing anything else. I work the whole hospital and help patients in a crisis. It means alot when I see someone outside of the hospital and they remember how I helped their sick grandmother. That makes this job very meaningful.”

The Greens may cross paths through Saint John’s but they see one another more often at the Middletown Christian Church where Larry Green is pastor. The Greens love to take family vacations together in Minnesota where they fish for crappie and catfish.

“I grew up in Minnesota,” Chaplain Green said. “My gosh, it gets so cold. I remember one time it got to 50 below zero and I had to take a snowmobile to my job at a paper mill. Boy, that was many years ago.”

In January of 2008, Larry, Scott, and Chris traveled to Salem, India, where they cared for destitute individuals in small towns and villages. With health care an ongoing issue in this country, Scott Green said Americans should be happy with what they have.

“We worked at a clinic in a village plagued with leprosy,” Scott Green said. “Poor people in these villages have no access to hospitals or emergency care. They have no health care at all. The water is contaminated, the people are malnourished, and there are no food inspectors.

“There are things going on in India that you would never see here.”

Larry and Scott Green are alumni from Anderson College, and Chris will carry on the family tradition when he graduates from Anderson University next spring.

After receiving a physician assistant degree in public health care, Chris plans on working for a year as an emergency medical technician before gaining employment in the private sector. But for now, he is content with working at Saint John’s Health System with his dad and grandpa.

“It's really nice,” Chris Green said. “We are a very close family.”

“From my perspective there is value to roots and a legacy,” Scott Green added. “There is a connection here that we are very proud of. We all show our compassion differently while carrying on a family tradition. You want to leave a legacy for your kids that they will be proud of.”

– by David Humphrey for The Herald Bulletin. Photo credit: David Humphrey. Story republished with permission.

Anderson University is a private Christian university of 2,800 undergraduate and graduate students in central Indiana. Anderson continues to be recognized as a top Christian college: in 2008, U.S. News and World Report ranked Anderson University among the best colleges and universities in the Midwest for the fourth consecutive year. Established in 1917 by the Church of God, Anderson University offers more than 65 undergraduate majors and graduate programs in business, education, music, nursing, and theology.