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AU seniors present art and design projects

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April 25, 2012

Most of the art and design pieces in the annual display of work by Anderson University students need no clarification or interpretation.

But it’s always intriguing to see where these seniors come up with their concepts whether it’s a 3-D dragon head sticking out of a wall or a music-accompanied video of circles and lines.

art1One is influenced by diversity. Another yearns to make order out of chaos. One likes comedy. And yet another finds art in her hometown images.

The exhibition, titled “Menagerie,” runs through May 3 at the Wilson Galleries in the Krannert Fine Arts Center.

[Photo: AU student Kenton Pratt (right) explains his glass work to Kevin McClung.]

A standout is the work of Anna C. Allen. “Inhale” is a porcelain bowl surrounded by off-white leaves with the curves of potato chips but they look too fragile to touch. “Exhale” is a similar piece with leaves surrounding a serene, small lake setting. Her “Blossoming Burst” is a tantalizing aqua and gray porcelain tray. Though hanging on a wall, the work would be an art piece at any angle.

In her self-penned notes, Allen writes, “I make everyday objects that in time become special or sacred. A special bowl that you love to use or a one-of-a-kind piece that has a special place in the home.” In essence, moments that we generally take for granted can really be precious.

Samantha Deatrick shows respect and admiration for her Owen County home with four posters. Each features a historical or tourist scene such as the digital print, “Patriotism,” an iconic sculpture of a World War I doughboy by Spencer artist Ernest Viquesney. In another, she depicts a scenic walk in McCormick’s Creek. Deatrick should approach other Hoosier communities for similar posters.

art2Dominating one exhibition room are eight large hanging posters by Tiernae Salley who shows the uniqueness of a close-up as each of her subject’s reacts to the presence of the camera lens.

[Photo: AU student Cody Linn photographs exhibits as he is framed by a pair of portraits by Tiernae Salley.]

Jonathan Tapp’s video/music piece, “Where Do We Come From?” combines a soothing Middle Eastern chant with pulsating circles and rotating lines. Tapp works from the idea that percussion, harmony, and melody can be expressions of one’s spiritual being in Christ. But viewers might wish there was a chair nearby to enhance the dreamy atmosphere.

Thankfully, there’s a chair in another room next to Sadie Frey’s written proposal for a student lounge in the art department. The chair is made with help from Jeffrey Jackson from discarded wood pallets.

If you visit, gaze at the artist biographies on an entry wall then walk through the four exhibition areas first. Return to read the bios and go back to see what new insight you might gain. And the whole experience won’t take 15 minutes.

— Scott L. Miley is features editor for The Herald Bulletin. Story reposted with permission. Photo credit: Don Knight/The Herald Bulletin.

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