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Student receives job opportunity with major accounting firm

Fri, 2012-10-05 08:00 -- univcomm
October 5, 2012

Tyler Snyder, a senior accounting major at Anderson University, has worked to earn a GPA that reflects the efforts put toward his classes. Snyder not only proves to work hard in the classroom, but also takes advantage of opportunities, such as career fairs advertised by the Career Development Center (CDC).

The Fall School of Business (FSB) offers eight majors related to business, and its faculty and staff are intentional about encouraging students to begin building their résumés as incoming freshmen. Working diligently in each class to maintain a good GPA and taking advantage of hands-on experiences are two important aspects the school emphasizes.

“Some of the best ways that I stumbled upon great experiences was seeking guidance and taking advice from both the FSB and the CDC for ways to get plugged in and make connections,” said Snyder. “I was encouraged to attend Accounting Interview Day, where AU is one of eight schools that has opportunities to interview with some major accounting firms for internships. I felt prepared going into this due to the CDC, which offered its assistance in setting up mock interviews prior to the fair.”

Snyder received an opportunity to intern with Dauby O'Connor & Zaleski (DOZ), a national accounting firm. Tim Doyle, a current accountant at DOZ, explained that interns at DOZ gain hands-on opportunities. “Our interns do the exact tasks of a newly hired staff accountant,” said Doyle. “The focus of our internship is to complete audits of financial statements or to complete tax returns for companies. We expect each of our interns to complete about 40 audits or 150 tax returns over the three-month internship. This is the best experience you can receive to supplement your classroom work.”

The hard work and expectations while interning for DOZ led to a job offer for Snyder. “All of our full-time hires will be former interns,” said Doyle. “I strongly encourage accounting students to try an internship, especially in the spring when accounting firms need the help. Tyler is a wonderful guy with a great attitude and work ethic. As a result of his internship performance, he earned a full-time offer with our firm,” said Doyle.

Melanie Peddicord, assistant professor of accounting and business, has also helped foster real-life accounting experience. Peddicord, who graduated from AU in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in business administration, recently earned her Master of Business Administration degree from AU. Snyder took one of her current courses in which students experience an in-depth understanding of different types of auditing that can take place in an accounting firm.

“Students get exposure to the entire audit process,” said Peddicord. “They are assigned to illustrative audit case exercises which expose the students to the entire audit process. This enhances their ability to work with an audit engagement team, which will greatly benefit them in the workplace. The class will also include a number of guest speakers with backgrounds in external, internal, and governmental auditing. Thus, students can note what types of auditing they may be interested in as a possible job in the future.”

“Taking accounting courses and experiencing the auditing process was what helped tremendously going into my internship,” said Snyder. “The marketing projects in which I met with actual clients, regular communication, and learning the basics of Microsoft Excel were extremely important skills to take into my internship. Ultimately, this knowledge made the experience a success.”

— Emmalee Strait is a junior from Anderson University, majoring in communication arts and minoring in marketing. Strait is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications. Photo credit: Lauren Frietas.

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