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Student steps out of comfort zone into marketing internship

Fri, 2012-07-20 12:22 -- univcomm
July 20, 2012

For many Anderson University students, the best way to figure out which career they want to pursue is to complete an internship. An internship allows a college student to take a step out of the classroom and into the real world, getting hands-on experience of what is being taught in the classroom and putting it into practice.

Casey Thomas is a sophomore majoring in marketing with a concentration in integrated marketing communications. Thomas is getting her foot in the door early in her college career by interning this summer for Publicis, an Indianapolis-based advertising agency. Publicis works with large companies like Simon Malls and Marsh Supermarkets.

Searching for the right company to intern with, Thomas consulted with one of her marketing professors, who suggested Publicis. Early in the spring semester, Thomas sent her résumé and a cover letter to the company. Shortly after, the company contacted her for an interview.

“About a week later they offered me the position,” Thomas said. Ecstatic about the opportunity, she accepted, knowing the internship would provide valuable experience as well as networking opportunities.

While interning at Publicis, she is experiencing what it’s like to be an account manager in an advertising agency. Thomas is able to sit in on meetings with the company’s clients, assist account managers in their daily tasks, and attend photo shoots and taping sessions for commercials and advertisements.

“It’s my first experience outside of the comfort of Anderson University to explore what my marketing major entails and what I could actually do with it after I graduate,” Thomas said.

Although only a sophomore when she applied, Thomas pursued the internship to gain experience. “I’m not sure about my future,” she said. “I plan on taking each day as it comes and keep learning as much as I can so I can be prepared for life after college.”

Although Anderson University may be a comfort zone, professors help lead students in the right direction to doors of opportunity. They not only lead but encourage students to go out and practice what they’re learning, and an internship is one way to do it. Sometimes it takes a nudge to step out of that comfort zone.

— Corinne Schmitt is a senior from Geneva, Ill., majoring in public relations. Schmitt is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications.

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