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Anderson University’s Enactus projects bring experience for students

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Anderson University Falls School of Business
October 31, 2013

Anderson University’s Enactus group in the Falls School of Business is an organization in which students are able to have a tangible role in multiple business activities and learn through these experiences. The major assignments that the group is working on this year are two survey projects. The first is a Community Transformation Project and the other is a Health Profile Survey. The goals for these two surveys is to provide a service to the community and help raise awareness of the community’s needs and how to become a reliable resource in the future.

The Community Transformation Project will survey in five different places and organizations including: Worksite, School, Health, Community-At-Large, and Community Institutions. The leaders throughout Madison County will also be surveyed. The goal was created by the Centers for Disease Control to transform the places that have an effect on people’s everyday lives. The survey will give insight to the community and implement a plan and system for the environmental changes.

The Health Profile Survey will focus on the individuals of the town of Anderson. This will help identify the needs of the people and to give a better ideal of the overall health of the city. The children’s questions will be as simple as their daily nutrition, while the adults will have questions that involve health, abuse, alcohol, etc. Due to the more accurate statistics, the organizations can begin funding the needs of the community, and bringing in establishments that will help the needs of Anderson. Krista Zurcher, a junior at Anderson University is the Head of Volunteer Managements for Enactus describes their two projects as, “The first project surveys leaders of organizations throughout Madison County while the second project surveys individual people (both adults and children) just in the town of Anderson.”

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