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Church of God responds to Oklahoma tornado disaster

Tue, 2013-05-21 16:46 -- univcomm
Church of God - Anderson, Indiana
May 21, 2013

As news stations around the country have carried reports of the devastating EF5 (having winds in excess of 200 miles per hour) tornado that swept through Newcastle and Moore, Oklahoma, Church of God Ministries has been in contact with local and state pastors in the area.

We continue to pray for the victims of the tornado, and the Disaster Relief Committee is receiving funds to send directly to the affected areas. Click here to make your charitable donation for Disaster Relief.

All means of communications have been affected by power outages, high cell-phone usage, and an overload on key systems. To date, we have received some information from those that are working to bring relief in the wake of this disaster:

Jim Morrison, president of the Oklahoma Assembly of the Church of God, is contacting all area churches to determine the welfare of pastors and their congregations and to assess their immediate needs.

Reports from Shartel Church and Fresh Start Church of God confirm that these churches were not in the path of the tornado, but they are responding to needs in their hard-hit communities.

Mid-America Christian University sustained no damage on its campus, but some staff members lost their homes in the tornado. The university is closed until power can be restored. They ask for our continued prayers for staff and their families.

Search and rescue efforts by first responders are still underway. It may take several days for rescue and recovery teams to complete their sweep of the affected areas and for the disaster area to be safe enough for residents, volunteers, and aid workers to gain access.

Funds from Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief Fund are on the way to the Oklahoma Assembly to provide emergency assistance. More funds will be disbursed in the coming weeks as efforts to relocate families and rebuild the community continue.

As more information becomes available, Church of God Ministries will partner with the Oklahoma Assembly and local churches to coordinate work teams in the area. The primary need currently is for monetary donations that will support local agencies in the relief effort. Church of God Ministries is receiving funds to send directly to the affected areas. Click here to make your charitable donation for Disaster Relief.

— Reposted with permission by Church of God Ministries.

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