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AU alumni gather for breakfast in Indiana governor's office

Wed, 2014-06-04 15:56 -- smgower
AU graduates Hannah Brown and Erin Norton helped in hosting the most recent Alumni Links Breakfast in Gov. Pence's office at the Indiana Statehouse.
June 4, 2014

Anderson University alumni were invited to the Indiana Statehouse for their regular Alumni Links Breakfast on April 16. Unlike other breakfast gatherings, however, this one took place inside the office of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Alumni Links Breakfasts were started about three years ago by the Office of Alumni Relations to encourage a stronger local alumni network. The breakfasts are held at various locations in Indiana to cater to alumni living in or around the state.

For the breakfast at the Statehouse, alumni Hannah Brown, operations manager for the governor, and Erin Norton, scheduler for the governor, helped arrange the governor’s office as the special location.

Brown and Norton were eager to share their experiences at the Indiana Statehouse with other AU alums. With their Statehouse connections at the Statehouse and the governor being in Germany, Brown and Norton made it possible to host the breakfast in his office.

About 16 alumni, many of whom have attended other Alumni Links Breakfasts, dined in the Governor’s office. While at the breakfast, guests were given time to ask questions and receive a tour of the Statehouse, led by Brown and Norton.

“It was great to hear about the candid day-to-day activities that are involved in the governor's schedule and connect with the two AU alums that serve directly under him,” said Ray Vartanian, a 2012 organizational management undergraduate and 2013 Residential MBA graduate.

“I loved hearing the transparency from the two women that shared how their AU experience has been a positive influence in their work with the Governor.”

Like many other alumni, Vartanian attends alumni breakfasts to stay engaged with fellow AU graduates.

“I want to continue supporting AU as much as possible,” said Vartanian. “Staying engaged and actively participating in the alumni breakfasts is one avenue that motivates me to stay involved. I had never been to the Statehouse before, let alone the Governor's office, so that was an event that I could not pass up.”

Ben Davis, former director of alumni relations, helped come up with the idea of hosting the breakfast at the Statehouse, specifically in the Governor’s office.

“Usually, we are at a local restaurant or in someone's office conference room. This was our first time at such a prominent location,” said Davis.

Elyse Cromer, associate director of alumni and parent programming, reached out to Brown and Norton with the idea of holding the Links breakfast at the Statehouse and in the Governor’s office.

“I thought it was perfect and was mad I did not think of it first,” said Brown. “It worked out perfectly that we could work around the Governor’s schedule.” Due to the success of the breakfast, Brown and Norton would like to make the event an annual gathering for alumni.

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[Photo: AU graduates Hannah Brown and Erin Norton were instrumental in hosting the most recent Alumni Links Breakfast at the Indiana Statehouse. The breakfast was held in Gov. Pence’s office at the Statehouse. ]

— Anna Rayis is a senior from Columbus, Ohio, majoring in communication arts. Rayis is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications.

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