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AU business professor publishes second book

Thu, 2014-07-17 09:02 -- univcomm
July 17, 2014

Anderson University professor of marketing Dr. Michael Wiese is focusing on meaningful work in his second book, "Work that Matters: Bridging the Divide between Work and Worship". The book is co-authored by Wiese, director of undergraduate studies for the Falls School of Business, and Asbury University’s Dr. Kevin Brown, assistant professor of business, economics, and political science.

Countless days of work can seem meaningless after a while for some. “Work that Matters: Bridging the Divide between Work and Worship” offers diverse and effective ways of glorifying God in the work place. It also explains how to make any job a more meaningful experience. Wiese hopes that this book will help show people they are gifted.

“I can’t sing or play guitar, but I have giftedness that needs to be offered up and I find that exciting,” said Wiese.

Wiese and Brown also use the idea of being “salt and light” in the work place. “Being ‘salt and light’ to me, is living out the essence of our faith in a public setting, such as the workplace,” said Brown. “Being ‘salt and light’ ultimately gives glory to something or someone outside of ourselves, God our creator.”

Being “salt and light” falls into AU’s mission of preparing each student to use the gifts he or she has to live a life of service to church and society.

“We learn to be ‘salt and light’ by finding ways to practice business in a way that serves people and organizations through experiential education,” said Wiese. He uses the idea of “salt and light” in his classes and teaches his students how to incorporate it in their own lives.

Mitchell Willhelm, a sophomore finance major and current student of Wiese’s, enjoys his teaching methods. “Dr. Wiese really loves his job,” said Willhelm. “There’s always something new we are doing, and it really freshens up the class.”

The idea for the book was born when Wiese and Brown, who previously taught at the Falls School of Business, wrote a series of articles for the local pastors association in Anderson about God in the work place.

“We shared the idea with an editor at Aldersgate Press, and he liked it,” said Wiese. So they began the task of writing a rough draft of the book. Publishing the book had some rough spots, though. “We started out being too academic,” said Wiese. “The hard part was taking what we knew and making it relevant to everyone else.” This book was made to be practical to appeal to everyone and to be easily put into use.

Wiese’s years of experience gave him the chance to live out his “work and worship” philosophy. This led to him being able to share his ideas and approaches with anyone who picks up his book.

“I don’t really plan on writing another book, but I didn’t really plan on writing this one,” said Wiese. Wiese seems very optimistic about the future of his career “I have an open mind and a long career ahead of me.”

"Work that Matters: Bridging the Divide between Work and Worship" can be purchased on

— Max Suding is a junior from Martinsville, Ind., majoring in communication arts. Suding was an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of University Communications.

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