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AU professor invited to secret Google X lab

Tue, 2014-05-27 11:10 -- univcomm
May 27, 2014

This fall, don't ask Scott Kennedy what he did during his summer vacation.

The Anderson University professor of chemistry and physics won't tell you.

[Photo: Anderson University junior Ethan Hillman and his his professor Scott Kennedy look over some of the different samples of luminescent hydrogels that Kennedy has been doing research on for the U.S. Air Force in the AU labs. The goal of the research is to have the substance detect minute quantities of explosives. Kennedy is spending his summer doing research for Google X.]

He can't actually. A wad of confidentiality agreements says so.

"It's killing me to not talk much about it," Kennedy said in an interview.

What he can say is: Google.

Google X to be precise.

— The above content is an excerpt by Stuart Hirsch re-posted with permission from The Herald Bulletin. Photo: John P. Cleary. Visit The Herald Bulletin web site to read the full article.

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