Anderson, Indiana

Brian Krushel, D.Min. Grad

Fri, 2010-08-06 08:59 -- univcomm

I was born and raised in the Church of God tradition and began serving in ministry as a college student in the late 1970s. I have been serving full-time at Camrose Church of God in Alberta, Canada, since the summer of 1985.

At this point of my life, I realize I am halfway through my productive years of ministry. The Doctor of Ministry Studies Program at Anderson University's School of Theology offers me the necessary academic and spiritual discipline to finish the second half of my career well.

While my seminary degree was not from a Church of God school, I decided to come back to my heritage for this next step in my education. I felt it was important to establish some new connections within the Church of God, so despite the distance, Anderson University's School of Theology seemed the right place to be.

The experience has not only enriched me personally, but it has also strengthened my ministry. I've had a number of individuals within the congregation say to me "We've noticed a difference in your ministry and we like what we see. We feel there's a greater depth to some of the things that you're doing."

In the last five years, Camrose Church of God has experienced fairly rapid growth. My concern for our local church is that it could be growing a mile wide but only an inch deep. I felt that spiritual formation/ministerial renewal was key to spiritual depth taking place within that church, and I believe it needs to begin with and be initiated by the senior pastor.

As I take this journey, I not only have the support of my family and my congregation, but also my classmates and professors at Anderson University. Each of us in the program has faced either congregational or personal crisis, and knowing that we can call upon each other has been very meaningful. We've been invited into professors' homes and into their lives. As Doctor of Ministry participants, we are treated not as students but as co-learners and colleagues in ministry.

— Brian Krushel, DMin '07