Register for Exercise Tracker

Wed, 2012-04-25 23:54 -- batch_migrate

Register for the Exercise Tracker

In order to get credits for you exercise, you must log them into the MyStart! Online Exercise Tracker.  The following is information that you will need in order to create an account and get credit for your exercise.
  1. Click here for the MyStart! Online Exercise Tracker.  If you are not taken directly to the website, type into your address bar.
  2. In the Blue Box that says "Register With Start!", click on the Orange "Register" button.
  3. Complete the requested information.  When you get to the "Company" box, click on the "Search for company" link below the box.  In the pop up box, type "Anderson University" and click "Search".  Click on "Anderson University"
  4. You can skip the Dept/Team box.
  5. Company Zip will be prefilled, so you can skip that box.
  6. You will need to create a password that you will remember.  Enter it into the "Password" and the "Confirm" boxes.
  7. Enter your height and weight.  This information is completely confidential and will not be viewed by anyone.
  8. Under the "Preferences", YOU MUST click on the box that states "If checked, your employer will be able to see your name, department, email address, and physical activities. However, no one will see your health information (i.e. weight or height).  If you do not check this box, we cannot give you credit for your exercise!
  9. Click the "Submit" button.