AU nursing alum moves to Liberia for medical mission

Lindsey Jeffers graduated from Anderson University’s School of Nursing in May 2015. During her time at AU, Jeffers discovered a passion for helping and serving patients, people, and the Lord. With faith being a major part of her life, Jeffers found God calling her to a place she never thought she would go.

In the summer of 2010, Jeffers went to the Christ in Youth conference (CIY) at AU. “I learned about the water crisis that was happening in various parts of Africa. I wanted to help,” says Jeffers. That stirring in her heart led her to do a fundraiser for Hope 2 Liberia, which builds wells in Liberia, Africa. Jeffers completed this by December of 2010.  Hope 2 Liberia’s vision is to culminate a renewed sense of hope in the Liberian people through safe water, medical care, education, and training.

In the years following, God placed Liberia on Jeffers’ heart and she continued to pray for and support the Liberians. “I grew to love people I had never met and a place I had never been,” says Jeffers. “I couldn’t get Liberia off my heart and still can’t!”

Jeffers desired to help not only with medical knowledge but with their emotional well-being. In February 2017, she went on her first medical mission trip to Liberia. Liberia completely captivated Jeffers. She fell in love with the people and was amazed by their faith and joy through such tragedy: “I was overwhelmed by the great need.”

Jeffers was presented with an opportunity to go back to Liberia long-term for six months to one year to help start the medical clinic with Hope 2 Liberia. After much prayer and consideration, Jeffers took a leap of faith and said yes to God’s calling for a new journey.

“I can’t wait show Jesus’ hope and love in Liberia,” states Jeffers. “I am not going to Liberia to be a nurse; I am going to Liberia to be a hope-giver.” Jeffers wants to use nursing as a unique way to do this. The School of Nursing taught her not only skills to be a nurse, but the holistic view of nursing and how it’s about helping patients spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Jeffers left for Liberia at the end of November. She is currently living in the Hope Center in Margibi County. Jeffers and a Liberian medical team will be opening up a medical clinic for the kids at Hope Academy School.

The clinic will also be open to the public and surrounding villages for one day a week. Jeffers will be traveling to orphanages and villages to provide medical clinics as well as health teaching and training. “A big part of our goal is to do community health teaching with a larger focus on preventative care,” says Jeffers. “We will be offering health classes and teachings for the adults of the villages and a health class in the school for the children.” There will be a weekly women’s Bible study ministry and weekly prayer meeting too.

Jeffers has been completely blown away by God in preparing for this journey. “I prayed and considered this decision very carefully, and God gave me so much clarity and peace in this decision,” states Jeffers. “All the doors flew open and the path has been clearly paved.”

Financially speaking, Jeffers has been more than provided for, giving all the glory to God not only financially but also for her growth she has experienced in preparation. “I am leaning on Him in trust, seeking Him for guidance and peace, and living in His continual love. It’s so great to be His and to be in the center of His will.”

Maria Neathery is a junior from Greenwood Indiana, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in event planning and music business. Maria is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of Anderson University Office of Communications and Marketing.

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