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Historical Anderson University photoAnderson University Roots

Anderson University was founded by and is supported by the Church of God, with headquarters in Anderson, Ind. Founded in 1917, the school was a major step in the life of a young and vigorous fellowship of Christians which had originated about 1880. This fellowship, which took on a common New Testament name, often describes itself as a reformation movement. Its vision was to preach and live out a message of holiness and to invite believers into a body united by a common experience in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Anderson University is celebrating its Centennial, culminating in a celebration during homecoming 2017.

Church of God Movement

The message of the church was firmly planted in the mainstream of Christian theology. The quest of this young movement was freedom from what it saw as artificial limitations of church structures and authoritative systems so that the essence of Christian truth might be realized again in freshness and wholeness. The spirit of the movement was one of freedom and joy proclaimed in one early song of the church, "The Bible is our rule of faith and Christ alone is Lord." Out of this history a free and open tradition has provided a supportive context for the contemporary mission of Christian higher education.

Old Main Historical building on campusThe Genesis of Anderson University

The early witness of the church was through the publishing of inspirational material, songs and books, and a paper known as The Gospel Trumpet. Those who were committed to the publishing work and to the evangelistic work of the church recognized the need to train leaders and workers to take their places in the life of the church. An educational department of the publishing house was started and soon became known as the Anderson Bible Training School. The young school moved rapidly to develop a wider general education program, changed its name to Anderson College and Theological Seminary, then Anderson College, and finally, Anderson University.

Anderson University Today

Anderson University has grown to comprise an undergraduate liberal arts program, organized into seven schools. Read further on We Believe [PDF] from the School of Theology. The university offers several graduate degree programs, including the Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) and three Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degrees. About 2,300 students and over 370 instructional and professional staff comprise the community.