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Campus Seal

Discover more about the Anderson University campus seal.The official seal of Anderson University features three Latin words (veritas, fidelitas, and utilitas) that mean truth, faithfulness, and service. They were chosen by President John Morrison and Dean Russell Olt and translated into Latin by student Sidney Rogers (B.A. 1932). The words surround an open Bible, above which rises a blazing torch that is showering light in all directions.

That seal, in a graphic way, tends to say it all. Here is the flame that should be kindled for the sake of generations yet to come. Here is the source for that flame, biblical truth, and the motive for its burning, faithfulness and service. Here is a vision that makes a difference in this troubled world. The 1923 Echoes affirmed that "each student, as he or she leaves the school, takes a lighted torch, and we see this torch of truth shining bright as the morning star in our home land as well as in the foreign land." Back in 1923 the number of students available on the Anderson campus to carry this inspiring and transforming torch was relatively few. Now, after 75 years, the body of alumni has become many thousands strong.

Robert Nicholson, in his inaugural address as president in 1983, recalled a story by Harry Lauder, the Scottish bard. Lauder once had recounted his Edinburgh boyhood experience of watching an old lamplighter. At dusk this man climbed a ladder to light an old-fashioned gas street lamp, then went on to do the same from one lamp to another. Finally, the lamplighter himself was lost from sight. But, emphasized Nicholson, "the course of his journey was evident by the lamps he had lit." The new president's point in recalling this story was that, over the years of history of the Anderson campus, many lamps had been lit in the midst of many kinds of darkness. The names of the lighters easily slip from memory, but the flames they lit are bright and enduring.

Excerpted from Guide of Soul and Mind: The Story of Anderson University by Dr. Barry L. Callen, Professor Emeritus of Christian Studies at Anderson University.