Our Faculty


At Anderson University you will find some of the best scholars and practitioners who choose to be a professor at AU because they love teaching, the mutuality of the learning process, and mentoring students.

Among the AU faculty you will find Dr. Brian Dirck, a noted Civil War & Lincoln historian who is frequently an invited guest speaker across the country; Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito, who for years has published an exquisite biology textbook used in colleges and universities across the country; Dr. Scott Kennedy science and engineering faculty member who was a co-creator of a new antimicrobial product; Dr. John Millis, an astrophysics professor who researches gamma rays using an instrument called VERITAS; and Professor Shauna Steele who is founder and artistic director of Mocha Dance Project.

Findings from our annual IDEA course evaluations show that the quality of instruction (excellent teacher and excellent course) is unusually high as compared to IDEA national results.

AU faculty serve as Peer Reviewers for scholarly journals in their discipline; are recipients of numerous awards and recognitions; and, are faculty who care about their community by serving on various boards/civic organizations.  I invite you to read through some of our Faculty Accomplishments to see how AU faculty members are engaged in their discipline, profession, and community.

You will find the brightest and best among the AU faculty and what makes our faculty even more impressive is that they care about their students.  Just look at what students said were AU strengths (meaning AU students rated their faculty higher as compared to other similar universities) on the Student Satisfaction Inventory:

  • “Faculty care about me as an individual.”
  • “My academic advisor is approachable.”
  • “My academic advisor is concerned about my success as an individual.”
  • “My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirements for my major.”
  • “The instruction in my major field is excellent.”
  • “Faculty are available after class and during office hours.”
  • “Faculty are knowledgeable in their field.”