Rules for Submitting Research Proposals

The following rules will be followed for research proposals submitted to the Anderson University Human Research Participants Committee for approval.

  1. All proposals must be received and approved before institutional funds have been committed.
  2. All proposals must be received and approved before the research program is announced.
  3. All proposals must be made with adequate time prior to implementation for them to be revised if not approved.

    If conditions 1-3 are not met, the committee will not be able to approve the proposal. The committee may still be able to comment on the proposal or make suggestions on its implementation. It may also be able to concur with the decision or accede to the request for review but it will not be able to ethically approve the proposal.
  4. All proposals must be accompanied by a statement of objectives both of the research in general and for each item of data being collected.
  5. All proposals should be submitted by e-mail to the committee chair whenever possible. When this is not possible (i.e. due to preprinted surveys), sufficient copies of all needed materials should be submitted to the chair to provide to each committee member

    If conditions 4 and 5 are not met, the decision of the committee will be delayed until these materials are supplied. Normal turnaround time for the committee is not less than two weeks from the receipt of a completed proposal. It may be considerably more under some circumstances.