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The School of Science & Engineering minors are open to all students and can be paired with a variety of majors. If your major is outside of science and engineering, you may need to take additional courses to meet the requirements. We have provided the typical coursework below to give you a good idea of what topics you will get the chance to study with each minor.

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18-hour Minor

A biology minor includes Foundations of Modern Biology I & II.


16-hour Minor

A chemistry minor includes General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

Computer Science

16-hour Minor

This minor is completed in the Department of Computer Science.

Information Systems

15-hour Minor

This minor is completed in the Department of Computer Science.


16-hour Minor

The mathematics minor requires Calculus I and II. Additional course selection in advanced mathematics will be made to complement the student’s mathematics interests and objectives.


16-hour Minor

A physics minor includes General Physics and Modern Physics. Some mathematics skill pre-requisite courses are required.


16-hour Minor

Provides a coherent plan of study in statistics supporting students’ major fields of study. Courses in MATH 2120 or PSYC/POSC 2440; MATH 4010; and other courses selected from PSYC 3240, 4650, or MATH courses approved by the program director.

Meet the Faculty

Photo of Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

Caroline Baker, a light-skinned woman with long, brown hair.

Caroline Baker

Photo of Katelyn Butler

Dr. Katelyn Butler

Photo of Scott Carr

Dr. Scott R. Carr

Jen Coy

Dr. Jennifer Coy

Jon Craton

Jon Craton

Photo of Michael Frank

Dr. Michael Frank

Larry George, a light-skinned man with glasses standing in front of a light brick wall.

Larry George, P.E.

Dr. Dan Ippolito standing near the White River

Dr. Dan Ippolito

Dr. Kyung Shin Kang

Photo of Scott Kennedy

Dr. Scott B. Kennedy

Photo of Charles Koontz

Charles Koontz

photo of Josiah Kunz teaching class

Dr. Josiah Kunz

Photo of Justin Lambright

Dr. Justin Lambright

Placeholder Staff Photo

Jason Lowmiller

Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito speaks about expressing her faith in the classroom.

Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito

Photo of Benjamin McPheron

Dr. Benjamin McPheron

Photo of John Mills

Dr. John P. Millis

Terry Pahls

Photo of Abigail Post

Dr. Abigail S. Post

Dr. Richard Pottorf

Brian Schultz

Brian Schultz

Photo of Courtney Taylor

Dr. Courtney Taylor

photo of willis troy

Dr. Willis Troy

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Photo of Chad Wallace

Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Nathan Willowby

Dr. Nathan J. Willowby