Choosing a Major

Helpful steps to deciding your major:

  • Research major options. To see what major might interest you, visit Programs by Interest. For a list of all majors and minors offered at Anderson University, visit Programs A to Z.
  • Talk with Career Development Center staff. The Career Development Center staff is available to discuss different options with you. Check out their web page information to see what they have to offer and take advantage of their services
  • Read the Undergraduate Catalog. While this seems very basic, it is a resource that is often overlooked. Catalog listings include course descriptions for you to read and information within the areas of study.
  • Speak to students in the major. Advanced students in the major will be able to give you an idea what their course of study has been, what their career goals are, descriptions of professors, etc.
  • Speak to alumni. This can be done informally or you may solicit help from faculty or Career Development Center staff.
  • Visit with professors. Professors are good sources of information about what students in the major have gone on to do and what kinds of benefits students get from majoring in their subject area.
  • Utilize your academic advisor. Your advisor is ready to answer questions about choosing a major and direct you to appropriate resources.
  • Read departmental literature. Literature can often be obtained from a department secretary upon request. These is materials the department has put together to give students like you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this is an appropriate major. It may also list important departmental requirements.