Graduate Studies Tuition & Fees

Graduate Programs

Professional MBA
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50
  • Tuition Per Credit Hour: $565
  • Total Program (37 hours, 2 years): $20,905

[Textbooks purchased independently.]

10-Month MBA Program
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50
  • Total 10-Month MBA program (41 hours, 10 months): $34,030
  • Includes:
    • Laptop & Software
    • Airfare for International Trip
    • Housing for International Trip
  • Cost including an on-campus apartment – fully furnished, all utilities paid
    • Single: $38,745
    • Shared (private Bedroom, shared living space): $36,490

[Textbooks purchased independently.]

Post MBA Certificate

The tuition is based on the current cost per credit hour of the MBA program (see above). No application fee. Per Credit Hour: $565.

[Textbooks purchased independently.]

Doctor of Business Administration
  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $50
  • Tuition per credit hour: $595
  • Dissertation Tuition (per hour)*: $255
  • Graduation Fee: $90

*A student must be enrolled for at least 3 hours of dissertation credit every semester after residency and qualifying exams have been completed. In total, the student must register for a minimum of 15 hours of dissertation credit. If the dissertation is not completed after registering for 15 hours of dissertation credit then the student must continually register for one hour of dissertation credit each term (summer, fall, spring) until the completion of the dissertation defense.

Seminary Studies

Master of Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity

  • Per semester hour: $435
  • Application Fee: $50

[Textbooks purchased independently.]

Master of Music Education
  • Per semester hour: $400
  • Some courses are also offered for no credit at a lower rate. 

Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Per semester hour: $410
Transition to Teaching
  • Tuition: $11,088
    Includes student teaching
  • Per semester hour (18-hour program): $616
    Per semester hour (24-hour program): $462
  • Application Fee: $50

[Textbooks purchased independently.]