21st Century Scholars Day

Welcome to campus! #myAUvisit

We want you to be successful and achieve your goals -- now and in the future! And you're on your way.

You've already made big progress by being a Scholar and by working on your Scholar Track. We know you're committed to doing well in school and finding the right college.

Congratulations on how far you've already made it!

On July 18, we are hosting a 21st Century Scholars Day. Join us for a college visit and complete some of your Scholar Track mandates. We know this kind of thing is more fun with a friend, so bring one! Everyone who is thinking about attending college will benefit from the Scholars Day.

Join us on July 18, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., and see how we can help you start your college story!



9:30-10 a.m. – Registration

10-10:30 a.m. – Welcome

10:30-11:15 a.m. – College Success 101

11:15 a.m. - Noon – Estimating the Cost of College

Noon-12:15 p.m. – Scholar Support at Anderson University

12:15-1 p.m. – Lunch

1-3 p.m. – Campus Tour and Work Environment Experiences

3-4:p.m. – Optional:  Computer Lab
                 Search for Scholarships
                 Submit a College Application
                 Complete Student Success Program Activities