Why AU for Adult Students?

Information for current students in the Department of Adult Studies at Anderson University.Adult Students are not like traditional 18-24 year olds. Many have very full lives with lots of responsibilities on top of their school work. 

Characteristics of Adult Students

  • 25 years and older (We have had students from 25 – 87 years.)
  • Many are employed, some are between jobs
  • Many have children
  • All are juggling more than just studies

Reasons to become an Adult Student

  • Accomplish what was started perhaps years ago
  • Career Advancement
  • “Retooling” after corporate downsizing
  • Training for new career
  • Provide good example for children

Why chose Anderson University?

  • Adult-friendly atmosphere
  • Caring staff
  • Christian University guided by Christ’s principles
  • Qualified Instructors