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Publishing & Proposals

Guides to Publishing Decisions

From the heritage of the Church of God (Anderson) come two central themes that give guidance to the publishing decisions of Anderson University Press. Recalling the book detailing this movement’s history by John W. V. Smith, The Quest for Holiness and Unity (1980), the two themes are:

  1. Holiness-Wholeness-Integrity
  2. Unity-Inclusiveness-Reconciliation
  • Holiness-Wholeness-Integrity
    This theme may be addressed in ways such as the following:
    The new life in Jesus Christ

    The nature of Christian spirituality
    Christian character formation
    Wellness of life (body/mind/spirit)
    Living Christ’s way in the world
    Ethics in service of the public good
    Christian autobiography, biography
  • Unity-Inclusiveness-Reconciliation
    This theme may be addressed in ways such as the following:

    Christian unity in our time
    Biblical truth and church diversity
    Resolving personal/family/racial conflict
    Community building
    Fostering justice for all people
    Lifestyle and Creation’s well-being
    Case studies in the life of Anderson University

Manuscript Proposals

Anderson University Press welcomes publication proposals as long as they clearly address one or more of the above priority areas. Initially, a proposal should be submitted to the Editor in the form of an email letter that includes a statement of the thesis of the manuscript, its approximate length, a tentative Table of Contents, and a Vita of the author. Upon receipt, the Editorial Committee will review the proposal and determine whether or not it wishes to receive the full manuscript for closer examination. Send the initial email proposal to Dr. Barry L. Callen, Editor, at this address: