Falls School of Business

Salt & Light

Dr. Dulaney meets with studentsYes, we are interested in success. But, we believe that success extends beyond profit … to purpose.

At the Falls School of Business, we believe that students in business can be "salt and light" in a world looking for hope, compassion, and meaning. Being Christian does not mean a compromise of competence. Being "in business" does not mean a compromise of character.

Simply put, "salt and light" means that faculty, staff, and students come alongside each other to experience ways in which what we are learning can be used NOW to improve the lives of people.

Read the original "Salt and Light" article (1992) that provided the guiding principles for education in the Falls School of Business and signaled a paradigm change among many Christian business educators across the country.

The "salt and light" model for business education was most recently updated in a 2006 article that is now being cited by educators at other institutions as a guide for their educational program. Read the article to give you more insight into what we mean by "salt and light" at the Falls School of Business.