Falls School of Business

Program Description

DBA class during residencyThe Anderson University DBA program is specifically designed to make it possible for individuals currently teaching at the college level, or aspiring to teach, to earn a quality doctorate in business. Students accepted into the program begin the program on April 1st. The first residency on the Anderson University campus occurs the last two weeks of May each year. They return for a week in August and then a final week each year in January. All students are required to be in residency for four weeks a year during the first three years of coursework. All other work is completed while at home while working or teaching. This makes it possible for full-time instructors to complete their degree in as few as four years, while maintaining full-time employment.

This can be done! Each year students complete the program at the end of the fourth year with work that they are very proud of. DBA graduates from Anderson University have their research accepted for publication in books, papers, and conference proceedings. They find that the degree is opening doors for consulting, administrative duties, faculty promotion, and continued scholarship. The bottom line is that graduates testify they are more effective teachers and leaders in higher education, and their employers give witness to this reality.

What the AU DBA Program IS:

  • The Anderson University DBA IS a doctorate in business administration designed for the unique needs of a group of business instructors not effectively served by traditional doctoral programs.
  • The Anderson University DBA IS a program that will link the applied nature of an MBA with the conceptual framework and research traditions that support business practice.
  • The Anderson University DBA IS a program that offers the unique advantage of high-level thinking and discussion about the integration of a Christian worldview with learning.
  • The Anderson University DBA IS a program that offers the unique advantages of bringing together students and faculty aspiring for greater effectiveness in undergraduate and graduate classrooms.
  • The Anderson University DBA IS a program that will familiarize students with research methods and quantitative analysis, and will equip students to use appropriate tools to conduct research. The nature of the research is likely to be more applied than is often found in doctoral programs in business.

What the AU DBA Program IS NOT:

  • The AU DBA IS NOT just a "research" doctorate. The purpose is to train teachers to have a strong appreciation for quality research, not just to train "researchers" who will serve in the major university setting.
  • The AU DBA IS NOT a distance-learning program. While tools of distance-learning may be used to facilitate education, the student will complete a majority of classwork through a traditional classroom setting on the campus of Anderson University.
  • The AU DBA IS NOT seen as a "non-traditional" program. While there are elements that borrow the best from the new approaches to education, the program is also grounded in traditional conceptualizations of a doctorate in business.