Falls School of Business

FSB Faculty Commitment

Brock Vaughters teaching in the STAR trading room.Yes, the size, academic profile, and practical experience of the faculty make the FSB truly unique.

But, what really makes the FSB faculty different is the personal and collective commitments found in this team.

Here is what the faculty members are committed to:

  • Providing a high-quality business education which contributes to the student's current and future effectiveness in life.
  • Teaching. Our first priority is to the student and to quality instruction. The research and consulting is done to serve teaching.
  • Being accessible to our students. We want our students to succeed. The standards for performance and expectations for student growth will be high, but we strive to create a caring and supportive environment.
  • Being current. Our students should be versed in the latest trends and tools in the field of business.
  • Fulfilling the Christian purpose of Anderson University to encourage students to practice their profession with the highest of ethical standards and a commitment to excellence. "Salt and Light"
  • Giving our students opportunities to be of service to others. "Experiential Learning"

Terry TruittTerry Truitt [1995]
Professor of Finance and Economics;
Dean, Falls School of Business; CMA
D.B.A., Mississippi State University

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Michael BruceMichael L. Bruce [2003]
Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., St. Louis University

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Rebecca ChappellRebecca Chappell [1993]
Professor of Music
D.A., Ball State University

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Mike ColletteMichael E. Collette [1977]
Professor of Management
Ed.D., Indiana University

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Emmett DulaneyEmmett Allan Dulaney [2006]
Professor of Marketing
D.B.A., Anderson University

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Jerry FoxJerrald M. Fox [1985]
Professor of Management
Austin-Cooper Director of Global Business Studies
Ph.D., Union Institute

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Becky HaskettRebecca A. Haskett [1996]
Professor of Business Administration
Ed.D., Indiana University

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Jay HochstetlerJay J. Hochstetler [2007]
Professor of Management
Ed.D., Ball State University

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Doyle LucasDoyle J. Lucas [1981]
Professor of Business & Economics
Ph.D., Indiana University

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Melanie PeddicordMelanie Peddicord [2011]
Assistant Professor of Accounting & Business
M.B.A., Anderson University

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Frank PiankiFrancis O. Pianki [1998]
Professor of Business Administration
Ed.D., Indiana University

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Hyeon Joon ShinHyeon Joon Shin [2014]
Assistant Professor of Economics
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

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Anna StumpfAnna Stumpf [2014]
Assistant Professor of Marketing
M.A.T., M.B.A., University of Indianapolis

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Ray SylvesterRay Sylvester [2016]
Associate Professor of Marketing and Personal Branding
Ph.D., Brand Management, Brunel University London

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Vanessa TijerinaVanessa Tijerina [2017]
Assistant Professor of Accounting
MBA, Anderson University

Brock VaughtersBrock Vaughters [2014]
Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
M.B.A., Ball State University

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The date in brackets indicates the year of first appointment to Anderson University full-time faculty.


Toni EarlToni Earl
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Falls School of Business

Hardacre 100
(765) 641-4360

Amanda DrayerAmanda Drayer
Administrative Assistant

(765) 641-4329


Ken ArmstrongKenneth Armstrong [1990]
Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of the FSB
Ph.D., Northwestern University

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Mike WieseMichael D. Wiese [1990]
Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Director of Undergrad Studies
Ph.D., Loyola University-Chicago

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