Falls School of Business

Falls School of Business Programs

Dr. Dulaney's class in Hardacre HallAnderson University Falls School of Business offers programs at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels. Each program is unique, but all share some common elements.

  1. All FSB programs share a commitment to high quality and academic rigor.
  2. The highly qualified and credentialed full-time faculty of the Falls School of Business teach at each level. In support of the full-time faculty is a limited number of excellent adjunct professors.
  3. All programs share a commitment to Christian values and a desire to help students understand how they can be a positive influence in the workplace and in our culture.
  4. Each program is designed to expose students to both the theory and the practice of business.

If you are looking for an undergraduate degree in business, check out the options among our nine majors, 17 concentrations, and nine minors.

If you are looking for an MBA program, Anderson University offers a high-quality and nationally accredited MBA for working professionals, a 100% online MBA program, and a full-time one-year residential MBA.

How about a doctorate? If you are looking for a doctorate specifically designed to prepare faculty members in teaching institutions, you can learn more about the Anderson University Doctor of Business Administration. This is the premier doctorate in business within the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and is increasingly recognized among ACBSP institutions across the country.