Falls School of Business

International Business Institute (IBI)

The International Business Institute (IBI) Program is a 10-week, 12-credit-hour academic summer program that allows business students to incorporate a distinctive international experience into their field of study. The IBI program facilitates personal interaction with business leaders from top multinational corporations. Visits with industry leaders and top policy makers have included Daimler Benz, Nestlé, the Bank of England, and the British Parliament. Travel has included visits to England, Russia, Western and Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. Acceptance into the program is on a competitive basis. Students should apply early in the fall semester of their junior year. The program is normally completed the summer between the student's junior and senior years. For additional information, visit the website, www.ibi-program.org or contact the Falls School of Business.

The IBI Program may be taken to satisfy some requirements for the global business major, the global business minor, the global business concentration in the management major, or the global marketing concentration in the marketing major.

The IBI Program courses are:

  • Comparative Economic Systems — ECON 3250
  • International Trade and Finance — BSNS 4170
  • Global Marketing — BSNS 4250
  • Global Business Strategy — BSNS 4450

Contact Dr. Jerry Fox for additional information.